Afghanistan 2014: is retreat of Western soldiers feasible?

The removal of Bin Laden from the internationasl scene concentrates all spotlights to the NATO deadline of 2014, when it is agreed that all NATO forces will retreat from the country leaving the enforcement of Law and Order to the newly created Afghanistan army (70.000 strong). But how feasible is that prospect? Stay tuned with naro (ειδησεις/κόσμος.html) for all the latest World News.

General James Bucknall, Commander of the British forces in Afghanistan, stated yesterday to , that «…now is not the time to blink…» and «..long -term commitment is important for short term success». General Bucknall’s statement is becoming increasingly popular in Afghanistan these days -especially by foreign diplomats and NATO analysts. NATO and the Western Countries need to define the post-2014 relationship with Afghanistan and set forth contigency measures that will provide reassurances to the Afghan nation, that they will not be abandoned after 2014 by Western powers. Simon Gass, NATO representative in the area told Guardian that: «we need to give Afghans the assurances that they are after. We need to create a framework and confidence that they are not being abandoned».

Indeed, the current world conditions seem not to favor a NATO withdrawal in 2014, for a number of reasons: First of all, the death of Bin Landen is expected to increase the Taliban attacks in Afghanistan in the near future. The Talibans will most probably looking to set the record straight and attempt a major offensive against President Karzais’ ill-fated & corrupted regime. Aghan President Hamid Karzai -also known as ’The Mayor of Kabul’, because his actual authority as a President, does not exist outside the city walls of Kaboul-is in no position to maintain order over his country or impose central government policies. If the NATO forces were to adandon the country today, President Karzai would have to hurry to Kabul’s airport in order to flee from his country. He depends completely on the NATO forces to govern his country.

Second, the newly-formed Afghan national army does not inspire confidence that is capable to deal with the Taliban regime and promote stability within the country. Reports from both NATO analysts and foreign diplomats are very critical towards the army leaders & officers, the army’s discipline and combat capabilities. Some Western analysts state that the afghan army is not going to survive contact with the enemy. Talibans are determined, they share a vision and a clear strategy. Talibans also have capable leaders, great combat experience, and have demonstrated endurance to NATO offensives against them. In adittion, they know the Afghan region better than anyone – knowledge of terrain is precondition for any succesful battle campaign. If the Afghan national army would ever decide to go to the countryside to find the Talibans, it is expected that only fractions of that army would eventually return untouched & unmolested, home to Kabul.

Moreover, the personality of President Karzai does not inspire or unite his people. Mr. Karzai’s critics have accused him for being an American puppet. President Karzai was born in 1957 in Kandahar and after obtaining his Master’s degree in India, moved to Pakistan during the early 1980’s to work as a fundraiser for the anti-communist mujahideen war in Afghanistan. At this point in his life most probably entered the CIA. Some indications point to that: his personal wealth increased substantially-at a time where the US was heavily funding the war against the Russians, and moreover his familly was given permittion to immigrate to the USA. In addition, in November 2001, US send special forces in the region and flew Karzai out of Afghanistan in order to protect his life, and in December of the same year they appointed him as Interim President of Afghanistan.

Moreover, President’s Karzai government is highly corrupted. All foreign representatives in Kabul admit that there is widespread corruption. During his first term in Presidency, public discontent grew about corruption, and turned into a riot in Kabul which left 7 dead and more than 45 wounded. In 2007, reporters found-out that Karzai was secretely receiving millions of dollars by the Iranian government, and Karzai had to admit to it. However, he failed to state why the money was not send to his government but directly to his office. Finally, on January 2010, the Afghan Parliament rejected 17 out of Karzai’s 24 cabinet nominees, due to having been picked for reasons other that their competency. Indeed, a closer look at the CV’s of these cabinet nominees show that they do not have any cabalities, education, proven experience or any other credentials of that kind. The only thing they all had is that they were either Karzai’s relatives or were rich people. Members of the Parliament stated that these nominees were selected and proposed from Presedent Karzai based on ethnicity or bribery reasons.

It is obvious that NATO wants to minimize their troop casualties and they dont want to get stuck in, to another long-term war effort. In order to achieve that, Afghanistan must have a strong democratic regime, provide justice and equal opportunities to all, for the majority of the people to support it. The President of Afghanistan must demonstrate leadership and ethical virtues- desperately needed- to unite the nation. It is now obvious to everybody that Karzai flunked as President. The US appointed him President because they considered him as their own «black sheep»-and he served them well at that time. However, under the current conditions, where a strong and ethical personality is needed for President, to unite the Afghan nation against the Talibans, Karzai is a poor choice for the task. Everybody in Afghanistan, thinks he is an American puppet and corrupted to the bone. A new person must step-in and take charge at Afghanistan.


How to Stop Crying After Divorce

Ending a relationship is difficult, particularly if you have promised to be with each other forever, but separation can sometimes be a blessing. It’s okay to shed tears for sometime, but you have to put yourself back in sync and move on.

Divorce is not the last part of your life, it’s just the end of a relationship. While, that would seem so casual, but you may have other stuff that you need to concentrate on, rather than your marriage. If you have kids, this would be a great time to begin focusing on them more.

Go to the movies, visit the mall, just make yourself occupied with your offspring in order that you will be able to concentrate on something worth your time. Hundreds of folks have passed through divorce, therefore you are not the only one.

Why should you cry anyway? It’s not your fault that it didn’t work, you two most likely were just at two dissimilar places in life. It’s not because of you personally. There are a lot of things that you have to concentrate on that you may become overwhelmed. However, that’s okay, it’s a natural reaction. But instead of going in a depression, you must to focus on what’s happening. You need to start the process.

The initial process to separating possibly will be therapy. You might need to be off on your own or you can go with your mate. Although it may seem very late for counseling, it will aid you two to be terrific parents. If you will be able to pass though all the issues, all the anger, and you can realize each other’s emotions, it follows that you can retain a fantastic relationship after the marriage.

You may want to go on your own at first. In this way you can get all of your emotions out and you can let go some of the anger and some of the hurt. Counseling is a wonderful beginning because you can find yourself once more after that you can discover things that will aid you to move on.

There are a lot of questions that you may feel unanswered. Discern that, this was an act of destiny. It may possibly be the result of his actions, your actions, or both. Therefore, do not consider yourself as the problem. Fate was the problem. There are certain facets of the universe that pull people as one and then away from each other, much like a magnet.

If you think about it in terms of fate, you will discover strength, and you will as well attain the courage to keep going. This is just a section in the numerous books of your life. Don’t be bothered because there shall be love following divorce and there will be other thrilling chapters of your life yet to be read, therefore it’s okay to let go. You by no means be aware of what you may find after this whole thing blows over.

It possibly will take weeks or months to draw closer to the fact, but you take as much time as you have to. To finish the tears, to end the hurt, you need to find other stuff that will make you in high spirits then just perform it. If you get comfort in associates, be there with them as much as probable. If you have offspring, it goes the same. If you would actually like to stop the crying, you will get out of bed, brush your teeth, get dressed up, and go to banquet, with friends, or family, or even by yourself. Getting up and looking like a hundred bucks will begin the process of letting go.

Whenever you feel lonely or blue, reach out to someone that you love and support you and talk. Talking will help everything. Share your feelings, and whatever you do, do not separate yourself. You should be with people who love you during this moment of need.


How To Save a Marriage

“They lived happily ever after”, this is the common ending of fairy tales and subconsciously in the minds of all those who plunged into the tender trap of marriage. Consequently, after falling in love, two people eventually decide on getting married.

Be proactive and creative in planning activities which you both can share so that you can rekindle the flames of romance that was previously there. If the last time that you and your spouse went on a date was a year ago then that could be a sign of your marriage going down the drain. Remember your romance and why you married your spouse in the first place and be proactive in seeking new ways to seduce your spouse and turn them back into the lover they used to be. You have to show that you are on your spouses side and that you care when they are in a bad mood. If you feel that your marriage may be coming to and end, try talking to your spouse about the problems within the marriage without nagging or blaming because those will only make the discussion more volatile. This may only be an old remedy but here is a simple test to vouch if your spouse loves you. If your spouse is becoming more and more absent within the marriage, this could be a sign of a marriage crisis.

And the internet offers many resources without cost, you just have to surf to their website, their inputs will serve as your line of defense to combat marital crisis. Positive reactions are needed or else you are opening the door for your spouse to leave. Change the channel of your awareness by reacting to stressful situations differently. The announcement that marriage is at the verge a breakup is a wake up call for you.

The spouse will be embarrassed to tell family and friends about the breakup. Then loneliness is the final emotion when the spouse will consider finding another partner if any or dealing with a dating scene once more. Myth 2. What are common emotions felt when there is marital crisis?

First is the feeling of devastation, as if there is a great loss.

Arrange a civilized meeting with your spouse after your rage has subsided. Then, assess how deeply the extent of the relationship is.

This is the common complaint of many wives. When the spouse leaves his home, it does not mean that marriage is over, it simply means that you have to work harder at it to get back happiness, Do not try to convince your partner that his decision to end the marriage won’t work. The first action to save a marriage would be for the couple to recognize that there is an actual problem and to do whatever is needed to defeat the problem. Although money cant buy happiness, it is important. Learn to listen more not only with your ears but also with your heart. Learn to forgive. In most cases, it is easier and worthwhile than the panic of giving up in frustration.

Don’t use the children as an excuse to avoid each other. Do something for yourself. You will find only one path from divorce to a happy union. Schedule a date night. At least once a week, go on a date to energize your relationship. It is during this occasion that you will be able to talk freely about positive happenings which concern you both. Leave the kids to your mother.

Follow a simple system in building positive marriage skills. It is a herculean task requiring both spouses to participate. Do you want to be part of the statistics? It is never too late to change and decide to turn over a new leaf.


Keys to Muscle Growth

Research has finally revealed the genetic key to muscle growth. The most powerful force in our bodies preventing big muscle gains is myostatin. This protein is coded directly into 
our genes and produced at different levels throughout our lives. Simply stated, the higher your blood levels of myostatin, the more your muscles break down and get smaller. When myostatin levels are high, even under the very best training and diet conditions, building muscle is nearly hopeless. Perhaps that’s why so many toil in the gym and never realize the gains they sweat for. Conversely, when myostatin levels are lower, muscle proliferation flourishes. Myostatin doesn’t just play havoc in the gym. Rather, it can plague us throughout our lives as well. It has been well established that myostatin levels increase with age and the physical deterioration (muscle wasting and increase in body fat) that accompanies aging.(1,2) Moreover, myostatin also has a well-proven influence on a host of diseases, including but by no means limited to wasting diseases, HIV infection, heart attack, congestive heart failure, muscular dystrophy, cancer, and sepsis.(3–10)

But fear not! There are some natural ways you just might be able to reduce the scourge of myostatin expression to optimize health, maximize muscle growth, and slow the aging process.

Intense Resistance Training

It seems like everyone these days hits the gym. But how intensely do you really train? Training intensity is the key to reducing myostatin. Perhaps the best research available to tell us this comes from a study that determined and compared the magnitude of changes in myostatin and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) for muscle strength and muscle size in response to resistance training in healthy men. The study looked at 20 healthy men ages 18–45 studied over 10 weeks
 of intense resistance training. They tested arm strength (biceps curls), muscle gain (cross-sectional area of upper arm), IGF-1, and serum myostatin. While there were significant increases in both strength (+30%) and muscle gain (+12% in CSA), IGF-1 remained unchanged. Meanwhile, myostatin decreased in study subjects by an average of 20.3% over the 10 weeks.(11) These findings were very significant and consistent with a prior muscle-loss study on myostatin in which it was demonstrated that a plasma increase in myostatin of as little as 12% corresponded to an almost five-pound mean loss in lean skeletal muscle mass over 25 days.(12) The key difference
in the previous study was training intensity! So taken together, while some weight training may help to decrease myostatin expression, it was the intensity of resistance training that brought about the biggest changes.


Dietary monotony is something that nearly everyone experiences. Adhering to the structure of a diet can become boring, repetitive, and actually counterproductive. Meal consistency and regularity, albeit boring as heck, are time-tested staple processes in the bodybuilding lifestyle that certainly have their place when it comes to fostering 
a good physique. It’s certainly true that regular feeding is critical to countering catabolism. You should never feel starved, nor should you gorge until you’re stuffed. But
while it should form the baseline management of your daily muscle-building routine, remember that myostatin expression still lurks. That’s because you’ll still have times when the thought of more food literally sickens you. I suspect this is brought about by periods of myostatin overexpression. Certainly studies tell us that myostatin gene expression and caloric restriction have a connection.(13) But whatever the mechanism, this is a critical time when you must temporarily go against the bodybuilding standard and avoid food for a short period
by using a rare day of fasting to your metabolic advantage. I call it “structured fasting” because
the way I do it, it’s not a complete hardcore fast. The key is to include an early substantial breakfast of something like protein, milk, and oats. After that, it’s no food at all but with very liberal amounts of water all day. I do this at least a few times a year, and it works like magic to clean out the system, reset the metabolism, and, I believe, keep myostatin expression in check.

the Body

Research in animals has proved that myostatin is activated in the presence of acid (low pH). This “systemic overexpression of myostatin” was found to induce profound muscle wasting exactly like what we see 
in human cachexia syndromes.(14) If you believe the controversial tenet that the bodily pH can be influenced by what we eat, then this may be
yet another natural approach to inhibiting myostatin expression. In theory there are so-called “acidifying foods” said to produce acids during digestion and metabolism. Depending on your source, there’s a long list of foods that are said to acidify the body. So it’s all a matter of degrees. But included among these are the more potent sources of white sugar, sweets, refined foods, preservatives, coffee, cocoa, tea, and wine. In contrast, there are the so-called “alkalizing foods” like vegetables (lettuce, spinach, kale, peas, cauliflower, celery, carrots, tomatoes, etc.); melons (specifically watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe); and nuts (almonds, chestnuts). I should underscore the fact that an alkaline-diet approach has not been shown to elicit a truly sustained rise in blood pH. While it cannot be denied that diet can certainly influence pH, the question is how much and to what degree. Personally, I always feel better and stronger when I make the so-called “alkaline foods” a part of my diet. I feel that, for me and the athletes I work with, we do tend to walk around in a very acidic state. This is due in part to the constant bombardment of lactic acid in the blood from training and competition coupled with the regular protein loads we give ourselves to recover. So somewhere in the back of my mind,
 I have it there that I need to indulge this purported folly just a little bit. But again, this approach is more science fiction than science fact. Of course, this would hardly be the first time that the science fiction of today becomes the science fact of tomorrow.

Dried Fertile Egg Yolk Isolate

In 2006 research revealed that a natural substance known to inhibit myostatin is found in significant levels in standard store-bought fertilized chicken eggs.(15) In essence, it was proven that the power of natural myostatin inhibition was right there in our food supply. Fertile eggs are eaten regularly and sold in organic markets across America. Since these are basically the eggs that chickens grow from, they are 100% natural and believed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be no better or worse for you than standard store-bought eggs (nonfertile). But what truly separates regular eggs from fertile eggs are about 20,000 cells barely visible to the naked eye. A “follistatin” protein, along with a number of other naturally occurring biologically active co-factors, resides in these cells found along the yolk membrane. These factors are released in steps from the membrane into the yolk to promote early embryonic development and rapid growth. From a processing standpoint, the challenge was to preserve biological activity, magnify the concentration, and stabilize the effect. Intense research continued, and finally a complex process of “high-grade handling” produced the first product of its kind. Only MHP’s new MYO-X (powered by MyoT12) is clinically proven to lower myostatin levels. Subsequent research further confirmed that the active ingredients in this fecunded (dried) isolate of fertile egg yolk were not only absorbed and active in humans but also resulted in average serum myostatin temporarily dropping by an average of 46% in study subjects over approximately 12 hours.(16,17)

In conclusion, it should be clear that one can most certainly influence myostatin levels naturally. But
 the real excitement comes when realizing it’s not just about massive muscle building. Inhibiting myostatin may be the key to speeding up recovery from serious injury or wasting illness. It also may be the key to a truly legitimate and safe way to stave off the aging process. Stay closely attuned to all this, as the future will reveal so much more.


Here’s How You Can Finally Reach Your Fitness Goals

When lifting those household names while working out, you are feeling you could do greater. And as you progress, you start to lift heavier weights. You want to develop your muscles like Hercules but alas, after several sessions your back actually starts to ache. This provides a very unexpected turn in your weight-loss and bodybuilding routines. Actually, there are a few positive and negative machines during a workout session. Bad machines could potentially cause back aches, and you need to avoid them.

Designing a gym that reflects your personality it isn’t just sufficient the true secret to take into consideration has a right fitness floor to stop injury and scratch marks on to the floor. While design a gym the foremost thing to contemplate will be the sized lawn movers because it assist with know very well what is definitely the layout requirement. A gym designed with no plan definitely makes the look of home awkward. In place of putting heavy equipment performing single task you ought to decide on multi-functional equipment which completes all requirements for any well rounded workout and makes your neighborhood look spacious. A perfect gym is incomplete and not using a mirror; it is just a necessary as initial thing it improves the cause of light and second thing which it makes all the room look larger from exactly what happens to be. Moreover, for many in the times people required to watch themselves during exercise because it works well for guiding the proper varieties of moves while doing.

The right games generally is a great solution to playing outdoors if your temperature is uncooperative. Playing games in the fitness center is another easy way show them concepts for instance cooperation, following rules, and fair play. Preschoolers could need several rule and safety reminders while playing at the gym, to inside a this sort of spacious space is usually a bit overwhelming for a lot of.

Weight Lifting Equipment: These equipments are the most useful strategy to shed extra pounds and burn-off more calories while they want. Company offers various weight training equipments including Weight Lifting Belt Maximum Shred made from neoprene foam sheet and easily adjustable with Velcro, Weight Training Rods, Weight Training Plates, Weight Training Dumbbells and Adjustable Dumbbell Turned and Rod.

Having a stable and strong day to day life is important and a lot determination should be set up to be a solid and buff character. On one hand, your intake explains everything as well as on another hand, if you put onto your exercising shoes shows how frequent you’ve been training. One tactic and keep report on your doing exercises procedure will be dropping by to a health club too. It may be a healthier replacement for some since they have a/an range of tools that you experiment with and find out.


Weight Loss Tips for Women and Common Mistakes You Often Make

You have followed some Weight Loss Tips for Women, but still you find your plan is not successful. You have consumed healthy food, counted your calories, and got some exercised every day, but still they are not enough. You will wonder what’s wrong with your Weight Loss Tips for Women. Even with the healthy life style and routine fitness activity, you may have not realized that you have been making small blunders which can make your Lose Weight Program disarray and the worst, you give up on it. Here are some common mistakes woman do and some solutions for the errors
Weight Loss Tips for Women 1st Mistake; Don’t Count Calories Correctly & Think Daily Activities are Enough
According from a study, it is showed only 11 % of American can correctly count their perfect daily calorie needs per day. The rests can’t. For a simple example, if you eat 2000 calories in a day, but you only spend 1800, the 200 extra calories is more than enough to save 20 pounds in your body. The best solution on Weight Loss Tips for Women is if maximal calories you can have in a day are 1800, it would be best for you to separate it in two three meals which each consists of 500 calories and a 300 calories snack.
On Weight Loss Tips for Women, you are also wrong if you think you have spent many calories during your running errands. You may think when doing the Weight Loss Tips for Women, you have worked off, but actually, despite having carries your grocery bags, you only burned 400 calories. In fact, a short spurt of in forceful activity will burn much calories more than 36% fat, stated in a study by the Journal of Applied Physiology. Jogging around a park at least an hour can burn 150 calories, and pace up 1 minute every 5 minutes to get 1/3 more calories. The swimmer usually will switch the style from the free style to more perplexing style in a few laps, or else speeds up.
Weight Loss Tips for Women 2nd Mistake; Eating Fat-Free or Low Sugar Snack Foods
Eating a sugar free or fat free snack, especially when you like something sweet is seemingly a nice idea for Weight Loss Tips for Women program. But a study from Cornell University showed that many obese persons chose to consume the low fat snack than the normal foods and that is a Weight Loss Mistake. The “Fat Free” term can make a very little effect which can cause people eating more. Surprisingly, many of these fat free or low sugar snacks have about the same amount of calories with their normal version.
This life is too short if you forbid your favorite foods. Go eat some but in a rational number. If you love pizza, grab a plate in a small amount. This is a good Weight Loss Tips for Women.
Weight Loss Tips for Women 3rd Mistake; More Work Out Less Cardio
This is one of the biggest errors on Weight Loss Tips for Women that many women do once they decide to lose their weight, especially when deciding to get over their belly fats, too many on working out, too little on cardio. If you think that by more work out activity, you will get the flat belly, maybe you should think it over again. Jessica Smith, a top personal trainer said that no matter how definitive your abs, you will not achieve your dream unless you get over the fats upper them. Because of that, you should intensify your cardio activities to burn your calories. You can opt to do quick burst of activity which has been proven to destroy more belly fats than opting to pace steadily and work out adequately.belanja baju online
The best solution for this case is to do the quick burst calorie burning interval. Make a schedule with three interval session of quick burst and three steady paced work-out for at least 30 minutes combined with the abs exercises to get the optimal results of Weight Loss Tips for Women.


Benefits of Virtual High School

An education is one amongst the most very important things a person will possess if they want to achieve a successful career in this world. Children are attending traditional schools for years and years; however virtual highschool is that the way forward for education. It’s becoming clearer, as time goes on, that every student learns at a different pace which weaknesses and strengths vary greatly. It is not hard to imagine that some students would possibly merely learn better with the use of technology. With the advances of tablets, phones and computers, a lot of children are exposed to technology earlier. it is not uncommon to see children playing on their parents’ phones or view cartoons on tablets. This exposure might incline these children to learn better through the means of technology.

Computer advances are being integrated into education all over. Standardized testing on the upper level (MCAT & GRE) is now taken on computers rather than scantrons or paper. The invention and growth of blackboard provides a method for lecturers and students to communicate digitally concerning homework assignments or to raise queries in both the highschool and college setting. Thanks to these great advances in technology and website design, virtual high school has become a viable and extremely logical choice for a few students. There are several children in certain social circumstances that would greatly benefit from attending high school online. These programs can provide students who might not otherwise see graduation the opportunity to complete their schooling.

An army brat that moves around the country constantly, for instance, ought not to frequently begin at new locations and miss out on material during this method. The learning method would never be interrupted if it were being conducted digitally. Children diagnosed with severe social anxiety disorders may still pursue their education during a non-threatening environment.

Though students will not be attending in person, they should not feel a lack of community. Courses are still taught by certified teachers and students interact with other students. However, the content is more customized, paced specifically for the child and still collaborative. Virtual highschool also permits precocious students to pursue a additional accelerated path of education for early graduation. each subject traditionally taught at physical locations is reflected within the online program, starting from social studies to language and math.

The Pinnacle Online High School is tuition free, accredited, Arizona public charter school, serving students in grades 6-12. Our school provides the highest quality educational experience, outstanding curriculum, and highly qualified teachers to students and families seeking a more flexible experience than in the traditional school.


9 Questions To Ask A Guy On A First Date?

First dates can be horribly awkward. You picked out an amazing restaurant, the music is lovely and the food is divine, but the silence is ruining everything. Each bite of into the ravioli is interrupted by awkward smiles and glances at everyone else but your date. Here are a few questions to ask a guy on a first date that will break the ice, help you know him better and possibly guarantee a second date.

Which person living or dead has been the biggest influence in his life?

Do not go into this question looking for him to say Martin Luther King or Albert Einstein. The goal is to understand why the person means so much to him. A reveal like this puts him at ease because it is deeply personal and it allows you to develop rapport with him.

What cracks him up?

Laughter heals the soul and if you can make him laugh you have found the way to his heart. It could be a comedy he loves, or the hijinks his dog gets up to. If possible share a joke with him at this juncture. It’s one of those cute things to say to your boyfriend really.

His favorite place in the world?

Talking about his favorite place allows him to relive a memory he cherishes, and it gives you insight into the things that matter to him.

Who is his best friend?

The take away from this question is why. A guy’s best friend has influence on him, and they share a certain history that binds them together. Understanding that can help you get a picture of who he is.

His number one film?

Today we all talk about the latest Avenger’s film, or John Green book adaptation. Talking about his number one film while it gives some idea of who he is, it mostly just makes both of you comfortable and it keeps the questions from sounding very interrogation-ey.

How does he kill a free Saturday?

This will tell you if he is an extrovert or an introvert, whether he is mixing sounds on his digital Launchpad, reading Hamlet or out on some basketball court somewhere. Plus it tells you fo you similar interests.

His biggest goal at the moment?

Dates tell us if we are going to see a guy again or not. A guys goals should be central that assessment.

What is his calling in life?

A person’s calling in life tells you what they value and aspire to. If he wants to be a stand-up comedian or a Quantum physicist will give you a glimpse as to who he is on the inside.

What does he hate about dating?

This will lighten the mood and keep you from doing the anything that puts him off when you meet again.

Ultimately the questions to ask a guy on the first date should be about getting to know him better, reducing tension and creating an atmosphere of trust between the two of you. If you can do these things then it’s no longer a case of trying to figure out how to tell if a guy likes you. His answers will tell you if he’s into you.


Combat The Forces Of Nature – Become A Fire Officer

Although our ancient forebears quickly discovered how to start fires as necessary, fire isn’t content with just allowing itself to be turned on and off as humans require it. Forces of nature in fact make one realise that ultimately, despite how far humans have come in terms of adaptability, sophistication and knowledge, we are still very much at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Despite this, far too many people are way too complacent about fire and fire safety in general. For instance, did you know the majority of fires are entirely preventable and that around three quarters of them happen in the home? House fires can be caused by anything from faulty kitchen equipment, faulty electrical wiring or just a carelessly placed or discarded cigarette.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is an accepted NO GO but cooking under the influence can also be just as ‘detrimental’ to your health. Alcohol impairs judgement and slows reaction time and people have accidentally started fires because they’ve been drunk when cooking. Often it’s simply because faulty smoke detectors haven’t warned them of danger in time. They leave something unattended on the stove or accidentally place something flammable too close to the heat source and don’t notice until it’s too late.

Help Save Lives By Keeping Your Fire Officer Certification Current

As a Florida Fire Officer I and paramedic I’m often frustrated by the cavalier attitude many people have to basic home safety in general and in particular around potential fire issues. Simple things like making sure your smoke detectors are maintained and in good working order will help ensure you and your family have enough warning to get out in time should your house catch fire. Getting your electrical cabling periodically checked by a licensed electrician will reduce the chances of fire caused by faulty wiring. It’s also not a bad idea to consider getting a trained safety professional to perform an audit on your home either.

Become A Fire Service Instructor And Help Educate Our Public

Structural fires pose a huge threat to people and our Fire Officers and Fire Inspectors are trained in private fire protection systems, fire prevention practices and systems, codes and standards and in safe building construction related to the fire service. We also act as public information officers and as trained fire and life safety educators.

Are you one of the many thousands of fire fighters here in Florida who has risked your own life to save others and been frustrated because the situation was entirely preventable? Teaching and education are key ways to overturn this situation and by becoming a fire officer, fire inspector or fire instructor you can contribute to this education.

Ricky Rescue Training Academy provides online fire certifications for Fire Officer 1, 2, 3 and 4, Fire Inspector 1 and 2, Fire Instructor 1 and 2 and Fire Investigator. These are convenient, open enrolment style, approved Florida Fire College courses, many of which can be completed totally online. The blended learning courses however do have a full day in person component where you attend one of their classroom sessions in Fort Myers, Daytona Beach or Tallahassee.

E-learning versions of Florida State Fire College courses such as Fire Inspector 1 can be sourced through certified training centers like the Ricky Rescue Training Academy. Contact them for details at 239.240.7915